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Who We Are

Why Choose Sound Hearing Solutions

We are in the business of helping you hear better. Our process starts with a thorough diagnostic hearing evaluation to assess your medical needs. Through comprehensive counseling, we guide you in understanding how these results could be impacting your daily life. From there, we support you in choosing a customized plan of care that best meets your personal hearing health goals. We work with you throughout your hearing health journey by providing ongoing services and care beyond the initial selection and fitting. 

Our commitment to you is that we will keep your hearing devices optimized to your hearing health needs throughout the life of the technology. As dedicated audiology professionals, we are motived be seeing the positive benefit hearing health makes in peoples’ lives. And we love watching our patients thrive with better hearing!

In addition, Sound Hearing Solutions is affiliated with The Ear, Nose and Throat Center which allows us to consult with onsite physicians. 

Our Gift to You

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Who We Are

Meet Our Dedicated Team

What makes us stand out in the crowd? At Sound Hearing Solutions, our practitioners are all highly skilled, university-trained doctors of audiology working collaboratively with board-certified Otolaryngologists of The Ear, Nose, and Throat Center to diagnose and treat conditions that relate to hearing loss. 

Hearing Aids

What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Hearing Aid

You’re ready, but still have a few questions.  Here are a few answers that might provide you with the information you need to get started. 

Will a hearing aid help me?

If you have an aidable hearing loss, meaning you have some hearing left to work with then the answer is yes, a hearing aid will help you to hear better. Early detection and treatment of hearing loss helps you utilize the hearing that you have as well as improve treatment outcomes.

Will I need two hearing aids?
If you have a problem hearing in both ears (and that’s the rule not the exception) then in all likelihood you will need 2 hearing aids.
Will everyone know I'm wearing a hearing aid?
Maybe they will and maybe they won’t.  But they will notice that you have a hearing problem. More people will notice that you’re having a problem hearing then will ever notice that you’re wearing a hearing aid.
Can I try a hearing aid?
Yes, you can try hearing aids.  Trying a hearing aid to see if a hearing aid works is not the purpose of a trial period.  Instead, a trial period should be viewed as a way to assess which hearing aids may be right for you.  If we already know you have hearing loss then we already know you will benefit from hearing aids. 

Take Our Hearing Quiz

Not sure if hearing loss is impacting you on a day to day basis? Take our hearing quiz for a little more insight on how your hearing may be having a negative impact.

Did You Buy Your Hearing Aid Somewhere Else?

If you purchased your hearing aids somewhere else and are having a problem, don’t worry. Sound Hearing Solutions is happy to help with cleanings, adjustments, and supplies.

Patient Resources

Helping You Hear Better

We provide comprehensive, compassionate and cost-effective care for each of our patients.  Our goal is to improve hearing, communication and the overall quality of life for the patients we are privileged to serve.


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